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Thursday, January 9, 2014

World First flexible phone.....

The world first flexible Smart Phone is now in Korean LG outlets..

* OLED display-Organic Light Emmiting Diod
*Android jelly bean mobile os
*unscrahable housing(self healing back cover)
*high flexibility
*6' screen.
*LG chem special plastic battery.
*Rear key power button
*face detection indicator.
*urgent call alarm.
*Q theater
*Dual window.
*Real RGB pixels.

with many more is "G-flex" curved smart LG

How to remove "hijacer viruses".....

How to remove "hijacker viruses " frm ur computer..............

1 go to ur browser ans select the search engine as or something

2. Remove the plugins of Add-ons.

3. goto Run> msconfig>startup>disabled the unknown programmes,and press "Enter", if there are no files it will show it in a message dont worry...

4.go to cmd prompt...
type del%temp%\*.exe/s/q
it will delete all exe files in temp...
press 'Enter'

5.again type the below command.
it will delete all dll files in temp folder
press enter ...

6 finally restart ur cp.

u will get a cp with free of malware,
the hijackers will connect u with unknown search engines ,, so it will cause severe damages to ur cp. they cant even identify with aan antivirus neither uninstall ...

Saturday, January 4, 2014